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dhanmaya with her friend


« Although at present, Man is the highest conscious form of life upon earth, he is predestined to exceed his existing mental and physical constructs and become a Supramental being. »

Through this self-perfection the individual enters into the union with the Divine consciousness, and the Divine consciousness descends, transforming his mind, life and body. The integral transformation will perfect the terrestrial existence and new dawn of Divine Life on Earth shall shine.

« All life is Life Divine »


Born in a small isolated village in the Himalayas, he left his family at the age of twelve. Without saying anything to anyone, he left on foot to go to India to earn money. From wandering families, he landed in the Indian army, then became a sadhu – wandering monk – at the age of fifteen.

Twenty years after many adventures, he returns to Nepal. Shocked by the misery of the children, he decides to act.


Mirra Alfassa, born in France, raised in the wealthy family of Parisian life, lived many inner experiences in the harmony of her nights, receiving various teachings from beings of wisdom. In March 1914, she went to Pondicherry with her husband to meet Sri Aurobindo. She recognized him as one of the teachers of her nights.

This first meeting turned her life upside down, and six years later she settled in Pondicherry.


Create a big human family

Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga is not something new.
He was already there in the Vedic times when it says:

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”
The whole world is one family … The whole universe is one family.

This is what I transmit to children through simplicity, humanity, and brotherhood:
we are all Divine. We are one family.
The same deep Truth animates all humans in the whole world.



Who owns the ashrams? What is the organization’s budget? What is the part of donations and solidarity?

Ashram of GULMI

The Eagle’s Nest

Earthquake of 2015

A Miracle!

Ashram in Terai

Eden’s Garden


The heart

Solidarity . Joy . Simplicity . Spirituality

A unique and extraordinary opportunity to discover Nepal, its people, ashrams and children…
to take a break… to give yourself time… to recharge your batteries…
to give yourself a space to regenerate the body and regain health…

to discover life in the ashram and to garden, tinker, teach… share…

Rita at Gulmi


The different Ways
to Meet us and Support us

Planning a Solidarity Stay


From June 13 to August 11, 2020, if Life wishes, Ramchandra will be in France to host various meetings and retreats…
a wonderful opportunity to hear, see and go hand in hand with this simple and remarkable Person!

He will sign the book of his life and his work: “Ramchandra, the Child of the Himalayas”, written by Abel Millot from his stories.

Yoga Cuisine

All life is yoga!

Come and discover yoga as we practice it!
A discipline of life that encompasses all the dimensions
of the human being and of daily life.

To live the slightest action as a profound,
regenerative, unifying, multidimensional and spiritual act,
whatever that act may be.

What time is it
in Kathmandu ?


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