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Did you read :

The page that explains the foundations and operation of Universal Sponsorship?
The page that expresses the context leading to this sponsorship philosophy?
The charter which stipulates the commitments of each other?
and finally, the page which presents the children of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir?


Sponsorships are intended to support children throughout their studies from kindergarten to university.

100% of the sponsorships received are used to assume the life, education, and instruction of the children of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir which, since 1993, has been welcoming children from the most disadvantaged areas of Nepal from birth to university, free of charge.

Why from May 1 to April 30?
The Nepalese New Year’s Day in mid-April and the Nepalese school year corresponds to its calendar year. April is a holiday period for all schoolchildren and students. At the end of April, it’s back to school. There is a second period of school holidays in October – November, in the middle of the year.

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