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La Philosophie du SAYM

The Philosophy of Saym

A Life Free of Selfishness

Se donner sans aucune retenue

Give yourself totally, whatever it takes

Excerpt from book
« Ramchandra, l’Enfant des Himalayas »

Selfishness is the source of all difficulties and suffering in this world.

That is why it is very important today to do everything possible to ensure that non-selfishness is the inner and fundamental basis of all children.

I am doing my best in this sense, but I cannot guarantee that children will have integrated this philosophy into their lives. There are so many things in our human nature that are active!

Creating a large family without selfishness is not easy.
This is no reason to give up, quite the contrary!
I was so selfish myself before Pondicherry! I didn’t realize that.
But when the light of the Divine shines, things become visible.


Simplicity, Humility and Fraternity

Excerpt from the book « Ramchandra, l’Enfant des Himalayas »

The most important thing in what I transmit to the children is simplicity, humility and fraternity.

We are all Divine. We are one family. The same profound Truth animates all humans on the whole earth, the same essence of Life. There is no need to feel superior because I am more conscious, or because I have more knowledge… nor inferior because I cannot be like this, or like that. Everyone has their place in this world, and everyone has their value.
There’s no point in comparing ourselves.
Each one is unique and precious.

Essence spirituelle en Soi

Spiritual Essence in the Self

Of course, there are calamities, hardships, sufferings, weaknesses, imperfections and horrors… all part of life in this world. But no one is obliged to undergo them, nor to submit to them.
All this can be transformed!
How can it be changed?
In ignorance, it’s impossible.
We need knowledge to make it happen.
This is what I give to children by my example, by my actions, by my attitudes, and also with words, but not too much, only from time to time, when an opportunity arises.

Universal Truth breaks down the barriers of imperfection and limitations.
I teach them, little by little, to realize that there is body, emotions, and mind, but also that there is heart, soul, being, and spirit; I invite them to listen within themselves, to find their truth within, if possible, to hear their inner voice, to trust it, and to follow what it says, in any case, to develop their inner faculties.
This is my main goal with all children: to give them the basis.


The Sense of Community

Excerpt from the book « Ramchandra, l’Enfant des Himalayas »

One of the things, very important, that they also learn here, is community life. This is THE solution for the future of humanity: regaining a sense of community, of helping and serving one another.

Financially, it is much easier to live in community than to live in one’s own corner! That is obvious! And yet, most people are not ready for it, because it requires getting out of one’s limitations! And most people think that if they share, they will have less!

In my youth in India, I realized that money wasn’t the problem, it wasn’t the real need.
The real basic need is the light of knowledge… To know oneself, deeply. It alone releases limitations that reduce life to a narrow horizon, while the immensity of the Divine is offered and available to everyone!
The community helps in this sense. All human behaviour is visible. We meet them every day up close.

That is why I act as I do with children, so that they can find this truth and this immensity within them, so that they can be free to manifest what they really are, and so that their soul can express itself fully throughout their life.

I am trying to be an example. I can still make mistakes, that’s for sure, because we are always learning to some degree or another. I give everything to the Divine, to the Mother, and I do my best. The fruits, the result, do not belong to me. We have to remain humble and simply serve the Highest.


La communauté au sein du SAYM

Learning a sense of community

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